Gain data insights from FineReport and FineBI

FineReport and FineBI with different positioning and features

FineBI For You

FineReport for Managers

For IT professionals

Simplify deployment and integration with custom applications via open APIs or cloud packaging. Process and manage data for business units.

FineReport for Builders

For business analysts

With product features such as efficient data cleaning, fine data authority control, and intelligent data analysis, business analysts can improve their work efficiency and enhance collaboration via sharing.

FineReport for IT

For executives

The Enterprise Management Cockpit provides senior executives with a full overview of company operations.

Unleash enterprise data potential with self-service FineBI

Explorative data analysis

Intuitive interface for data findings, data analysis, leveraging potential opportunities and avoiding potential risks.

Flexible data processing

Use self-service datasets to select, rank and summarize data to get expected results in a flexible way.

Data visualization effect

Self-developed 15 chart types, 50+ chart styles, releasing diversity of visualization.

Intelligent chart recommendation

Automatically recommend suitable chart types based on current types and numbers of fields.

Data map

Support area map, point map, heat map, flow map, etc. Automatically generate various map effects by dragging and dropping the corresponding geographic location and indicators.

Spider engine, a large volume of data rendered in seconds

High-performance Spider engine, with a lightweight architecture to achieve the extraction, calculation and analysis of large volumes of data

High scalability

Different deployment models in accordance with the data volume and requirements based on different scenarios.

Seamless mode switching

Users can freely choose the data model (Spider/direct connection) according to the data volume, real-time requirements, frequency of use, etc.

Advanced architecture

Integrated with Spark, HDFS and so on, combined with columnar storage, parallel memory computing, computational localization plus high-performance algorithms for big data volume analysis and real-time data presentation.

Visual data preparation

Various data processing functions, support filtering, grouping, summary, adding new columns, field setting, sorting, etc., which can regularize the data.

Excellent user experience

Error tolerance: each step of operation can be added/deleted/changed;

Explicit path record: each step is clearly recorded and the effect can be previewed;

Unlimited levels: unlimited levels of analysis until you get what you need.

Intelligent permission inheritance

Simple configuration of basic data association and permission, automatically inherited the association of datasets.

Real-time data previewing

Accurate and real-time data previewing of each step empowered by the Spider Engine,which provides users with instant feedback.

Perfect in each session of data analysis

Data visualization

Highly interactive dashboards providing pie charts, bar and line graphs, heat maps, geographic maps, scatter plots, word cloud and other special-purpose visuals effects.

Data source connectivity

Support over 30+ big data platforms, including traditional relational databases, analytical databases, NoSQL databases, file data sources, multi-dimensional databases, program data sources.

Data preparation

Provide self-service datasets, built-in visual ETL tools to support secondary processing of raw data; provide accurate preview views; intelligent field escaping.

Model complexity

Support complex data models with the ability to handle multiple fact table models and cross data sources; able to extract and real-time model mix.


Support for platform security, user management, authorization and authentication audit features.


Manage data assets in the form of business packages; provide search capabilities; automatic data correlation.

Embedded analysis

Support integration with other systems, support single sign-on.


Support for dashboard reuse, watermarking, data distribution and sharing, intelligent operation and maintenance.

Spider data engine

High-performance computing engine to achieve a large volume of data with lightweight architecture.

Story dashboard

Freely insert multimedia content; interactive filtering to receive specific analysis results.

Application scenarios

Easily solve complex scenarios and unleash data potential with FineBI's powerful computing performance and advanced intelligent algorithms.

Xibei Oat Noodle Village

Based on FineBI's powerful engine, Xibei has built a lightweight, high-performance big data underlying architecture to effectively support its big data analytics needs and enable enterprises to make better decisions by adjusting their strategies in time, enhancing enterprise sustainable competitiveness.

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