No-Code Application Platform

Using the no-code development technologies of Jiandaoyun, enterprises can easily establish workflows and meet the demands of data collection.

FanRuan product portfolio enables enterprises to have a complete chain of data collection, data processing and analysis.

Core function modules

Flexible and easy-to-use functional modules to meet custom demands

Simply drag and drop to create a form, post a link to fill out, and quickly retrieve data. Commonly used for data collection.

Simple operation to create powerful forms

Jiandaoyun provides more than 20 kinds of fields and 70 kinds of functions. Create forms by simply dragging and dropping.

Visual interface, flexible design of workflows

Create online practical workflows via simple drag-and-drop and linking operations.

Intelligent push reminders

Support new data submission reminders, contract expiration reminders, timed reminders and other ways to cover common reminder scenarios

Visual analysis in 1 minute

Create a bar chart, line chart, pie chart and other charts with simple drag-and-drop, you can also customize the color and other information

Data factory for data processing

Process existing data and present data in the dashboard

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