Solution-based Products

Business Process Management


  • Positioning

    Business process management platform based on Amoeba methods

  • Typical users

    Enterprise in demand of lean production management

    Business departments

  • Product features

    Pricing Management

    Point Management

    Business Accounting

    Management of Taxation

    Task Assignment

    Mobile Application

    Big-screen Dashboard

    Management Cockpit

D&A Requirement Management


  • Positioning

    D&A Requirement management tool for better D&A delivery across different departments

  • Typical users

    FineReport and FineBI users in demand of better data delivery

    Business departments, data engineers and business analysts in the fusion teams

  • Product features

    Business Glossary

    Project and Portfolio Management

    Automated Documentation

    AI Assistant

    Knowledge Base


    Cross-functional collaboration

Pre-packaged Templates

FanRuan provides a collective set of data analysis solutions for different industries and different roles to gain better data insights.


Kick off a quick start

Provide a pre-defined and rapid way for D&A execution, delivery, and governance

Better D&A collaboration

Build collaborative and hybrid data delivery models across the organization

Improve data literacy

Enhance data literacy of customers with knowledge base


Create reproducible successful uses cases for promotion

● Real estate industry: 68% coverage of top 100 companies in China

● Banking industry: 71% coverage in Jinagsu and Zhejiang Province, China

Product Portfolio

Provide industry-based application suites

● Amoeba management platform

● FineElite


Planned marketplace for more analytics solutions and plug-ins

● App Store

Overview of Industry-based Solutions

Chemical Industry
  • Data-based intelligent production scheduling
  • Amoeba management platform
  • Data center for energy and chemistry resources management
  • Digital information portal
Banking Industry
  • Bank secretary;
  • Management cockpit for bank president;
  • Direct Banking 2.0;
  • Intelligent banking outlets management
  • Microfinance management;

Real Estate Industry
  • Operation management system
  • Refined process management
  • Decision-making platform
  • Project and portfolio management
  • Enterprise data assets management

Healthcare Industry
  • Precision medicine;
  • Intelligent healthcare ecology chain;
  • Big data analysis platform;
  • Risk management for healthcare
  • Data mining for potential customers

Fashion Industry
  • Supply chain management
  • Distributor management
  • Decision-making platform
  • Digitalization for omni-channel

Retail Industry
  • Precision marketing
  • Retail housekeeper
  • Member management
  • Store digitalization
  • Mobile-terminal solutions for stores
  • Decision-making platforms for management
Transportation & Logistics
  • Digital management
  • Digital big screen display
  • Big data analysis platform for transportation
  • Sharing and collaboration of cross-functional data applications
Electronic and Electrical Industry
  • Refined production management
  • Refined supply chain management
  • Emergency management
  • Electric IoT visualization
  • Intelligent power station and power plants
Securities, Insurance and Futures
  • Management cockpit
  • Data governance
  • Comprehensive risk management
  • Data analysis for analysis moments

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